Money Management – Tips for Real Estate Investors

Money Management – Tips for Real Estate Investors

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            The market for real estate flipping is hotter than ever. With reality TV shows, DIY’s, How To’s, and YouTube videos, it’s easy to see the interest in investing in real estate isn’t waning. There are many ways to flip a property. There are also many ways to over spend, and become upside down in a project that was supposed to be profitable. Here are a few ways to ensure that your money works for you.

  • Choosing your team. – It may seem like a good idea to go with a cheaper contractor, or maintenance team however, the general rule of thumb is “you get what you pay for”. To cut corners in the team you are working with, can ultimately take cash from your pocket. Experience, knowledge, and work ethic create work that turns heads, as well as profit. Invest in your team with long-term goals in mind, not simply short-term profits.

  • Understand expenses and budget software. – Utilize the software that is available for budgeting. Relying on human hands alone leaves room for error. When it comes to the money coming in, and going out, errors can become costly. Taking the time to input all data and expenses helps to maintain an even keel with your budget. Understanding your expenditures every step of the way, will also ensure that over-spending doesn’t cause your investment to flop. Having knowledge of general costs within remodeling a property can guarantee that you aren’t being taken advantage of financially.
  • Build a cushion. – Every good investor knows that the unexpected happens. Natural disasters (a tree falling on the roof), pipes bursting, appliances going out, all unpredictable but, costly. Maintaining a cushion to support events that are unforeseen, will provide an “insurance” of sorts.
  • Look towards the future. – Only looking at the present moment will cause the big picture to be forgotten, or lost. Taking a step back to assess everything at hand, such as the age of the roof and appliances, how old the water heater is, maintenance cycles on the interior and exterior of the property; can help you make the best choice in regards to renovations. Open eyes make planning ahead much easier.

Overall, the strategies used when dispersing money is where your true profit comes from.  The details are there to act as guidelines, the very guidelines that determine whether a flip is a bust, or a success. Take the proper steps that help you obtain your original goal, to flip properties and do it well.

Written by Tawny

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